The objective of this course is to provide the comprehensive theoretical knowledge in investment analysis and portfolio management, provide the practical knowledge in investments and provide the knowledge to construct the optimal portfolio.

The contents of this course are: Investment Analysis; Security Analysis; Introduction to Portfolio management; Portfolio Analysis; Portfolio Selection; Capital Assets Pricing Model (CAPM); Portfolio revision and Portfolio evaluation.

The objective of this course is to introduce students to elementary methods of business economics. Doing that, the course will provide essentials of microeconomics and macroeconomics the student needs in order to understand the fundamentals of everyday business activity. Also it lays the foundation for deeper understanding or economic theories in related disciplines.

The contents of this course are: Introduction to business economics; Demand forecasting; Pricing policies; Theory of consumer behaviour; Analysis of production; Analysis of costs of production, revenue and profit maximization; Introduction to game theory; IS-LM framework and macroeconomic policies; The exchange rate determination, BOP and small open economy with Mundell-Fleming model; and Theory of technology

The objective of this course is to Identify and analyze the Strategic issues in organizations, Understand the importance of strategic management or the success of the enterprise, Understand the issues in implementing the chosen strategy and Experience teamwork and situational behaviour in the organization.

The contents of this course are: Introduction to Strategic Management; Strategy formulation; Alternative strategies; Strategy Selection process; Strategic implementation; Evaluation and Control of strategy; and Case Study Analysis.