Objective of this course is to give awareness of Audit and standard applicable in a practical situation with theory component.

The contents of this course are: Difference between Accounting and Auditing; Audit Environment; The Element of an Audit; Planning; Control of Audits; Assessment of Control Environment; Audit Procedure and Techniques; Reporting, Auditor’s overall duty regarding assets & liabilities and Revenue & Expenditure and Miscellaneous topics.

The objective of this course is to provide a conceptual and practical knowledge in understanding prediction and control of human behaviour in organization with a view to achieve organizational Goals effectively and efficiently, provide wide knowledge in the field of human behaviour at work place and provide the student a clear basic understanding of behaviour issues.

The contents of this course are: Understanding organizational behaviour; Foundations of individual behaviour; Foundations of Group behaviour; Motivation and Reward system; Leadership ; Communication ; Occupational stress; Conflict management;

The objective of this course is to provide the students with an advanced knowledge and skills in project management and its applications in major project based organization.

The contents of this course are: Introduction to Project Management; The Project Management Content; Project Management Process; Project Integration Management; Project Scope Management; Project Time Management; Project Cost Management; Project Quality Management Project Human Resource Management; Project Communication Management; Project Risk Management and Project Procurement Management.