The objective of this course is to provide a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of psychology that will enable the students to understand themselves and others in different problematic situation and lead them for more effective decision making.

The contents of this course are: Basic Psychological concepts and human behaviour; Understanding human behaviour through body language; Personality structure; Learning; Perception; Development psychology; Social psychology and Emotional Intelligence.

The objective of this course is to Reinforcing competencies and capabilities in soft skills which are crucial to a workplace in order to improve the integration of individuals, especially in disadvantaged situation, and enhance global employability. It develops and strengthens several work related skills making them competent and confident in handling tasks effectively and efficiently and Develop broad career plans, evaluate the employment market, identify the organizations to get good placement, match the job requirements and skill sets.

The contents of this course are: Introduction to Soft Skills and Career Development: Personal Traits; Time Management, Attitude, Emotion, Ethics - Integrity and Value, Self Confidence and Courage, Stress Management, Perception, and Personality: Interpersonal Traits; Group, Teamwork and Interpersonal Skills, Communication and Networking, Empathy and Listening Skills, Leadership, Negotiation, and Decision Making and Problem Solving: Career Development Process,

The objective of this course is to familiarize the principles of mathematics; train the students capable of applying mathematics principles in their professional field whenever necessity arises; train the students in cultivating their thinking power systematically and methodically and familiarize important concepts of statistics and analytical theories for the modern activities; train the students capable of applying statistical formula in the context of analytical aspects of professional activities. Such as identifying problem and finding solutions.

The contents of this course are: Simultaneous equations; variables; Solutions of Quadratic Equation; Indices; Logarithms; Straight Line; Calculus and Matrices

The objective of this course is to introduce basic microeconomic theory. Doing that, the course will provide essentials of microeconomics the student needs in order to understand the fundamentals of everyday economic activity. Also it lays the foundation for deeper understanding or economic theories in related disciplines.

The contents of this course are: Introduction to Microeconomics; Elasticity of Demand and Supply; Theory of Consumer Behaviour: Cardinal Utility Approach to Consumer Behaviour; Theory of Consumer Behaviour: Indifference Curve analysis; Theory of Production; Analysis of Costs of Production; Revenue and profit maximization; and Market Structures and Business decision making

The objective of this course is to enlighten the participants’ knowledge and skills in fundamentals of management, and to identify and apply the principles of management to manage their organization. The contents of this course are: General Management: Introductory Concepts; Organizational Planning; Organizing for Efficiency; Staffing: Management of Human Resources; The Directing Function and Principles of Controlling.

The objective of this course is to make the students attentive of the use of new technologies in education and training, its added-value for qualitative and innovative learning. The contents of this course are: Introduction to Information Technology; Fundamentals of Computer System; Data representation; The Micro computer system unit; Input, Output devices; Storage Devices; Operating System; Data communication system and Network and network Technologies; Internet and its Technology; Computer Virus; Microsoft Word; Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel

The objective of this course is to produce and be able to correct sentences so as to indicate control of the structures; read and understand narrative and descriptive passages up to a vocabulary of 3000 words at an average reading speed of 200 wpm; communicate confidently in English; write narratives and descriptions clearly and succinctly, and present and develop arguments coherently and concisely, and write letters, messages, notices, reports, etc.

The contents of this course are: Grammar; Word Classes, Sentence Structure, Tense – active voice. Reading, Writing Speaking & Listening