The objective of this course is to introduce information systems in relation to Management, make the students aware of different information system available to management decision making, and introduce the fundamental concepts in information technology and computer and emphasis the role of IT in the years to come with regards to business and management.

The contents of this course are: Organizations, Management, and the Networked Enterprise; Information Technology Infrastructure; Key Systems Applications for the Digital Age; and Building and Managing Systems.

The objective of this course is to improve the students’ knowledge of the different functions of Human Resource Management. This course stresses the importance of Human Resource Management for a typical business organization. Students will get an opportunity to learn to systematically organize human resource function in an organization.

The contents of this course are: An overview of Human Resource Management; Consideration in Human Resource Management; Job design and staffing; Development and Appraisal; Compensation and Reward; Employee Protection and Representation and Participation, Globalization and Future of Human Resource Management

The objectives of this course is to provide the students a clear understanding of TQM in the overall context, to provide a broad understanding of quality and make the students aware of the modern concepts and techniques of TQM.

The contents of this course are: Introduction; Understanding Quality; Design for Quality; Planning for Quality; Measurement of Quality; Cost of Quality; Tools and Techniques for Quality Improvement; Organization for Quality; Communication for Quality; Training for Quality; Implementation of TQM and the management of Change.