The objective of this course is to achieve deeper understanding of concepts, principles and theoretical perspectives and assumptions underpinning different costing techniques; Develop skills required for the application of different costing techniques for different organizations for different purposes; apply the different costing methods and techniques required for planning, evaluation and decision making at various situations.

The contents of this course are: Introduction to cost accounting and cost classification; Material and Inventory Control; Methods of Remuneration; Accounting for Overheads; Marginal and Absorption Costing; Introduction to Costing Methods; Process Costing; and Joint Product Costing

The objective of this course is to provide the theoretical as well as practical knowledge in operation management, Provide how manage resources effectively in a system, Explain how to organize the layout efficiently, analyze the problems in operations management, explain how the field of operations management can provide direction in gaining and maintaining Competitive Advantage.

The contents of this course are: Introduction; Meeting the Competitive Challenge in Operations; Forecasting; Capacity planning; Product design and Process Selection; Layout; Inventory Management; Quality and productivity Quality management tools and techniques and Job Design and Work measurement

The objective of this course is to help students understand and appreciate the importance of Bank Management in a broader context. In this context, the following objectives are set forth. Provides background information related to bank management and current banking trends, examine the basic risk and return features of commercial bank, Demonstrates how banks measures and manage interest rate risk and Explain principals of Islamic banking.

The contents of this course are: Current structure of banking and regulation; Understanding bank financial statements; Bank performance analysis; Measuring return and risk in banking; Strategic plan for commercial bank; Asset liability management in bank; Managing the loan portfolio and interest rate risk; Funding the bank and managing the liquidity; .The effective use of capital; Islamic banking and Global banking operation